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Svetla- Na Table Lamp
Designed By:Igor Dzukovski
Commissioned by:Igor Dzukovski
Country by:Serbia

Svetla- Na is project that includes a series of four lamps. This is one of them. Svetlana is a Serbian name, and dividing it, you get the words "Svetla" and "Na" (Lights On) which allows further add- ons. Svetla- Na table lamp is modern and futuristic piece of design. I wanted design it, to be a combination of traditional and modern; wood as a traditional material, in combination with modern form and technology.Svetla- Na has a details on which we unconsciously don't pay attention. Although the geometrical shape of this oak lamp is clean and simple, these details are rounding up the whole story. Red screws on the adapter, the red button to turn on and off lights, soft radii and the red cable discreetly and gently going out of the lamp ... Technical illustration the head, or technical illustration of luminous part is a separate, due to a better insight into the operating mode. You can see the layout and appearance of the LED printed circuit board on which are connected LED diodes. This detail can also assist in the identification of complexity, ie. the simplicity of the principles of operation of the lamp.