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Standing lamp-mirror "Eclipse"
Designed By:Volodymyr Pashkov
Commissioned by:Any manufacturer of lighting solutions
Country by:Ukraine

This interior object belongs to accessories with intellectual message. Owner of such interior pays attention not only to terrestrial things. As its prototype it does not hamper in life. On the contrary it is functional and practical - can be used in bedroom or living room. Product consists of frame and disk with mirror and lamps. Axis of rotation has inclination calculated to light armchair if it situated nearby. Form of frame allows to put a low(coffe) table in center so it will be near armchair. Design is based on observation how to light space in a comfort way for two situations: - reading under standing lamp - lighting of a face when one look at the mirror For reading disk is rotated with bigger lamp downwards and light from the "moon" makes additional illumination in a room because it is harmful for eyes to read in surrounding darkness. To see the face disk should be rotated another side to yourself. In this case face is illuminated by the "moon" and light from the "sun" creates soft filling lighting bouncing of the walls and ceiling. So there is no necessity to use another light sources. Switcher is located at the top end of the frame. Frame is manufactured from steel tube with painting to desired color. Light sources are based on existing round LED panels. AC-DC adapter designed to be outside of main body. Aluminium profile of disk - is one of standard models from Ukrainian manufacturer, bended to project radius. Two special fastenings allow to trace power cord (24V) inside the frame without visible loops. Dimentions: 770x540x1850 (WDH) , disk diameter = 500mm