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GALAXY floor lamp
Designed By:Ondřej Pelikán
Commissioned by:ČVUT industrial design
Country by:Czech Republic

Minimalist floor lamp has been designed with emphasis on simplicity of form and function. The lamp is used as a complementary mobile lighting for private and public spaces. The lamp emits a pleasant indirect light. Qualities of lighting has been achieved through material "perspexfrost" (a type of acrylic glass) which the lighting evenly disperse. Other parts of the lamp are made of ordinary steel. Lamp cover is designed in two variations and for easy replacement and preserving the purity of form with no visible joints, is attached to the plate with patent system, which uses a pressing force of magnets. The lamp is equipped with energy-saving LED module with brightness of 1260 lm, equivalent to 100 watt bulb. For easy transportation, the lamp is easily separable into three parts. The finish is made by black powder coating.